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DJ Zen was born in France but is established in Quebec, Canada, since 1996. At an early age and thanks to his family, he was exposed to all kinds of music. His father brought him into contact with electronic music from Jean-Michel Jarre and Vangelis when he was 10 years old. From the ages of 15 to 25, he listened to hard rock and death metal and was part of a band, playing bass and electric guitar. DJ Zen is mostly self-taught, taking private music lessons, learning through books and watching music engineering DVD tutorials to constantly improve himself.

In 1995, he discovered Goatrance music through a couple of djs\friends who had traveled to Goa, India. This magical music playing on DAT mesmerized him, so he started to buy cds and trade DATs and Mini Discs to learn djaying while occasionally playing in small private parties to jump-start his career.

In 1996, he moved to Canada and created the band "Tribal Trance Force" with his brother Emmanuel (Dj Isocele). They played together as resident Djs at Cyberclub in Quebec city. They also played in many Goa-rave parties around Quebec city, Trois-Rivieres, Ottawa and Montreal.

In 1998 , Tribal Trance Force (Dansons avec Shiva) set up the 2nd "Natura", an annual music party in the spirit of Nature. The event was a big success. Since then, many promoters have tried to copy the event, but Natura parties have no equal. Thus, they repeated their success with Natura 1999, 2000, 2001 & 2002.

In 1999, DJ Zen met Ultimae Records from France (formerly known as Infinium) and established a partnership with them playing exclusive music ( www.ultimae.com ). He also worked as a cd reviewer and publicity consultant with Ultimae's ex-canadian distributor "Night and Day".

In '2000, DJ Zen represented Synthetic (Dado) from Twisted Records in Canada, as well as Blue Moon productions (ex-Intastella Records) which were U.K & Thailand-based (Dimention 5, Ra, Electron Wave, Hunab-Ku bands).

In 2001, he made remixes with 01EK (Canada) and with Khetzal, a french artist who released "Gyptian Road" track on Agitato records in 2001 (V/A: spiritual moves 4). DJ Zen worked under the name "Indigo Child" to make the track "The Earth" along with Khetzal: http://membres.lycos.fr/khetzen or watch a YouTube Video here) .

In the winter of 2001-2002, DJ Zen moved to Costa Rica to represent Ultimae Records's label & artists, and canadian artists such as Nuclear Ramjet. He also promoted himself as an artistic painter/decorator for the "El Yos" disco bar in San Jose, and became their resident DJ. ( www.transelastica.com ) ( spanish site ).

In early 2002, upon his return to Canada , he started again to make music with Khetzal and on his own in his Sunline Records Studio under the names "Dj Zen"/Astral Waves, and Idaël- depending on how the music sounded. DJ Zen is mostly into Psybient, Psy- Dub, downtempo, melodic trance and new emerging electronic music.

DJ Zen's first official mix and compilation was released on September 1st, 2003. " Peace_Therapy_ Vol.1 " features 9 exclusive downtempo tracks compiled for the joy of every psybient adept. It contains 3 tracks composed by DJ Zen, two featuring Khetzal , and a remix DJ Zen did for Sneila, a Romanian artist/ musician.

In 2005, DJ Zen's "Anamatha" was remixed by Khetzal and was released on his first solo album "Corolle"( Suntrip Records ).

"Moonshadow_Beats" , of ambient-psy-dub styles was compiled by DJ Zen + DJ Furthur and released in 2006. " Peace Therapy Vol.2 " was also released. Both cds received positive reviews.

In 2007, a double compilation mixed by Marco_G (a renowned dj who has worked with dj Preach ) was released. It features one of DJ Zen's tracks under Idaël , called "Thru your eyes ". Click_here to listen.

Finally, DJ Zen is also a mastering engineer , an airbrush painter and 3D digital graphic designer. Since 1996, under the name "Digitalys productions"/"City of Angels", he has airbrushed live at several parties, and for private collectors, painting on huge canvases as well as T-Shirts. In 2002, he switched to 3D digital design with 3DS Max, Vue Infinite and Poser computer programs. See some of the 3D artwork.

In 2008, DJ Zen released a solo album,"Mystique", under Astral Waves and more recently " Magique " album on Altar Records.

Peace Therapy Vol.3 was released in February 2009.

DJ Zen's label : Altar Records

Small amounts of releases (100-500) are printed on 100% eco-sustainable FSC compliant paper.The press plant is located nearby which saves time, and allows to send pieces of art to collectors and music lovers.

First 5 releases under Altar Records will be named after the 5 Elements, get in touch for more information and get your copies here: http://www.altar-records.com/shop.html

AIR v\a* was released in February 2009.

WATER v/a* was released in June 2009.

FIRE v/a* was released in October 2009.

EARTH v/a* was released in March 2010.

ETHER v/a* was released in November 2010.

* v\a: Vibrasphere, Androcell, Solar Fields, Asura, Man With No Name, Ra, Aes Dana, Chronos, Dj Zen & Jace, Orthonorma, Zymosis, Space Hypnose, Astropilot, CJ Catalizer,...etc.

IN DUB a Dj Zen Dub/Reggae album was released in March 2010.

SACRAL REASON " Soul Splinters " meditative album was released in February 2010.

ASTROPILOT " Solar Walk " ambient album was released in April 2010. ...


DJ Zen has also collaborated with singer Ina , with singer and flutist Jace (Jacinthe Gravel), with singer Lilah and more recently with singer and co-producer Isabelle Marceau .